Making dessert has always been one of the best to way to relax for me. As far as I can remember, I was always trying to help my mother or my grand mother when they making dessert and I was always rewarded with some uncooked batter while we were waiting for the cake or muffins to cook. So many of good memories are related to those moments that it is no wonder that as an adult I keep making dessert very frequetly and now it is sometimes my mother or my grand mother that joins me. Many people finds desert too difficult to make and often give up and instead buy some at the grocery store. Through this website I wish to prove to anybody that many desserts are very easy to make and so much better from those we can buy. Even if the results are not always perfect we should not get discouraged since the results is often still very tasty. In this website, I share with you, four of my simplest and favourites recipes: Chocolate chips cookies, Brownies, Banana bread and apple pie. I wish that you will enjoy trying these recipes and hope that you will create wonderful memories.